Basic Phlebotomy Techniques
Phlebotomy for Nursing
Phlebotomy Clinical
Non-Invasive Electrocardiography
Non-Invasive Electrocardiography Clinical
Medical Assistant Administrative Procedures
Health Insurance for Medical Assistants
Health Care Collaboration
CPR – Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers
Legal and Ethical Aspects of Health Care
Pathophysiology for Medical Assisting
Pharmacology for Medical Assisting
Assisting with Medical Specialties
Medical Assistant Clinical Procedures
Workplace Development for Medical Assistants
Environmental health sciences
Health Policy & Management
Population & Family Health
Sociomedical Sciences
Climate and Health
Gender, Sexuality, and Health
Social Inequalities and Health
Infection and Immunity
Current Issues in Health Care
History of the US Health System
Research and Design for Health Care
Health Care Practice
Health Services Management
Conflict Resolution in Health Care
Health Policy
Health Care Finance
Economics of Health Care Services
Health Care Delivery Systems
Patient Education in Health Care
Therapeutic Communications for Health Care Professionals
Cultural Competency in Health Care
Individuals with Disabilities and Special Needs
Alternative and Integrative Medicines in Health Care
Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine
Sports Medicine Principles and Practice
Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
Bioterrorism: Health Care Readiness and Response
Torture, Violence and Trauma
Topics in Maternal Child Health
Statistics for Health Sciences
Health Care and Aging
Linguistics & Psycholinguistic Variables of Lang. Dev'l.
Neuroanatomy & Neurophysiology of Audition
Speech and Language Disorders for Health Care Practitioners
Effect of Hearing Impairment on Speech and Language
Education for the Health Professions
Current Issue