Microbiological Study: What to Do with Ties?
José Humberto Cardoso Resende; Ana Letícia P. Guimarães; Fernando Augusto de Oliveira, Jairo Ledra Garcia; Matheus B. de Souza; Milena P. de Araújo Oliveira; Natallia R. Eduardo, Pedro Henrique M. Victor; Raphaela C. de Souza; Thamyris S. M. de Paiva, AdryenneCallegaris C. Lopes; Emídio Silva Falcão Brasileiro

It is known that social ties are worn by professionals as men's accessories. It is common among doctors, lawyers, politicians and other professionals. We decided to carry out a pathological and microbiological study to investigate whether this accessory, which is usually stored in cabinets or other closed spaces, is free of contamination. We randomly chose ten (10) ties from different people who had never been laundered. Collection was carried out through Swabs and Petri dishes. To our surprise, growth of fungi was already perceptible after 24 hours in all samples, including gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, yeast and cocci. Based on this a result, we advise against the use of this accessory in order to avoid possible transfer of these microorganisms from one person to another through contact. They should be used only after washing or sterilization in sterilization wraps.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijhs.v7n3a8