Effect of Starvation and Refeeding on Spermatological Parameters and Oxidative Stress in Rats
Seyma Ozer Kaya , Emre Kaya , Seyfettin Gur, Seval Yilmaz, Ilyas Murat Celiker

In this study, we set out to determine the effects of starvation and refeeding on rats. The main objectives were observing the changes in spermatological variables and oxidative stress. The test subjects consisted of 24 Wistar Albino rats, all healthy-males. Dividing them into four equivalent groups, we determined the first group to be the control group. We did not perform any starvation or refeeding on them. The second, third and fourth groups were starved for 5 days. As for refeeding, the third group was refed for 5 days, and the fourth group was refed for 7 days. We measured the weights of the rats’ bodies and reproductive organs. Certain parameters were also measured, such as sperm motility and concentration, changes in blood glutathione, malondialdehyde levels and the antioxidant enzyme activities. The results showed that starving the rats caused a decrease in body weights and the weights of reproductive organs and concentration of sperm. Glutathione and malondialdehyde levels increased, while antioxidant enzyme activities decreased. The refed groups, the third and the fourth, exhibited production of amelioration and signs of biochemical. We infer that starving the rats has caused an increase in lipid peroxidation and damage in the reproductive cells and organs.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijhs.v7n2a4