Syrian Refugees Birth Characteristics
Besim Haluk Bacanakgil, Işık Kaban, Sezgi Güllü Yıldırım, Ece Sınacı

Materials and Method: The patient reports of 779 Syrian refugees that gave birth at a tertiary center in İstanbul, Turkey are analysed retrospectively, the informations of mother and baby were analysed and evaluated. Results: Median age was 23, adolescent ratio (women under 19 years) was 21%. The ratio of C/S Abdominalis was 34%. 51% of caesarean cases had one or more caesarean operations before. Median birthweek was 39 weeks. 10% of the births was done before 37 weeks. Median birthweight was 3250 gram. 6% of the cases’ birth weights were under 2500 grams. Postpartum complication ratio of the cases was 1%. Median maternal hemoglobine values was 11 gr/dL. Maternal anemia ratio was 33%. Conclusion: Syrian refugees are married at earlier ages. The important part of the births are done by caesarean. Refugee mothers have the health problems especially on adolescent pregnancy and anemia.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijhs.v6n4a2