The Relationship between Childbirth Satisfaction and Motherhood Role
Özlem Koç (Mucuk); Hava Özkan

Background: Childbirth satisfaction of women is extremely important in terms of her and baby's health as well as being important for the positive family relationships. A positive childbirth experience leads a mother to perceive her baby positively and easily adapts the motherhood role by feeling positive emotions towards her baby. The study was conducted to investigate the relationship between childbirth satisfaction and motherhood role in Erzurum, Turkey. Methodology: The study was carried out with 509 healthy postpartum women. The data was collected by using Personal Information Form, Scale for Measuring Maternal Satisfaction (SMMS), and the Semantic Differential Scale- Myself as Mother (MMS) was used for collection of the study data. Results: In the comparison of the mean childbirth satisfaction and motherhood role scores of the mothers, the mean satisfaction and motherhood role scores of the c-section group was found to be higher than the normal-delivery group, with a significant difference between the groups. A positive and significant correlation was found between the mean motherhood role and childbirth satisfaction scores for both the c-section and normal groups. Conclusion: It was determined that childbirth satisfaction was at lower levels in both the normal and c-section delivery, whereas the motherhood role score was found to be better in delivery by c-section. It was also found that the motherhood-role performance score increases as the level of childbirth satisfaction increases.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijhs.v6n3a2