Obesity Perception from Demographic Variables
María Marisela Vargas SalgadoPhD, Aurora Irma Máynez Guaderrama PhD, Karla Gabriele, Gómez Bull MII

Nowadays, obesity is a worldwide public health problem, it is considered one of the main causes of death. This research analyzed the perception of the body image and other demographic characteristics of the employees who work in the automotive industry of Ciudad Juárez. The study was of a quantitative, non-experimental, transverse and descriptive design, it was applied an instrument that values body image from 9 images. The study sample was made up of 300 subjects. Analysis of variance was performed, considering age, weight, education, seniority and position in the organization as variables. The results revealed significant differences from the variables of age, weight and seniority, in other words, thesevariables are related with perceived body image. As a conclusion, is important that organizations make efforts related to the health of their employees, taking care of their health before they suffer obesity problems, since a healthy worker will be more productive.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijhs.v5n4a4