Survey On Knowledge And Awareness Towards The Association Between Breast Cancer And Life Style Modifications In Northern Saudi Arabia
Sami Awejan Alrashedi, Ali Ghannam Alrashidi, KalafJaze Kalaf Alshammeri, Saleh Hadi Alharbi, Fayez Saud Alreshidi, Ibrahim A. Bin ahmed, Hussain Gadelkarim Ahmed

Background: Modifiable lifestyle breast cancer risk factors can be actively influence by women in order to reduce or increase their breast cancer risk, which strongly depend on individual’s knowledge. Therefore, the aim of the present study was to evaluate the level of knowledge and awareness towards the association between breast cancer and life style modifications in Northern Saudi Arabia. Methodology: This is a cross sectional survey included 559 Saudi volunteers living in the city of Hail, Northern Saudi Arabia.Knowledge and awareness towards modifiable lifestyle factors and breast cancer risk was evaluated using different variables during interview. Results: Out of 559 study subjects only 14.5% were found to know that there are some dietary types, which can reduces the risk of breast cancer and the remaining 85.5% ignore that. About 37.4% indicated that they knew body weight is a risk factor for breast cancer. Conclusion: The level of knowledge and awareness toward breast cancer and lifestyle related risk factors is very poor in Northern Saudi Arabia.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijhs.v5n3a6