Parental Attitudes toward the Use of Baby Walkers
Mazen Alessa, Majda Humoud, Wafa Al Qabandi

Objectives: Identify the parental attitudes toward the use of baby walkers (BW) and the associated injuries. Methods: 235 parents of babies attending polyclinics and private clinics in Kuwait were surveyed by selfadministered questionnaire. Results: 224 (95%) of the sample population used the BW. The main reasons for using the BW were; to keep the baby occupied in 55.5% and, because it promotes walking in 60.4%and for child safety40.9%.68 parents (28.9%) reported some sort of injury. Around 70% of the parents thought that the use of the BW promotes motor development of the child and around 55.5% thought that it increases the risk injuries. Conclusion: The use of the BW is very common is a representative sample from Kuwait and the rate of the injuries is not different from other studies. Most parents thought high of the BW as promoter of the child development and have other uses.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijhs.v3n4a10