Mental Health Network: A Narrative Review Study of the Integration Assistance Mechanisms at the Brazilian National Health System
Thiago Lavras Trapé, Rosana Onocko Campos, Carlos Alberto Pegolo Da Gama

The fragmentation of health systems has presented as one of the biggest problems for the establishment of an integral attention and for guaranteeing the longitudinally of care. In Brazil, the mental health policy has changed its model of care, over the years, reversing a strictly hospital centered care, to integrate different services. Through the method of narrative revision the present article aims to analyze the mechanisms used in the mental health’s attention care. The review points out that mental health presents several integration mechanisms in the macro (systemic), meso (institutional) and micro (clinical). Was identified an expansion of the health care network and new forms of organization and police of training, however the system is underfunded and needs improvement in primary care and evaluation mechanisms? The services are organized with integration practice, related to urgency and matrix support teams. The clinic has supervisory experiences, and multidisciplinary teams. These levels can be transported and integrated into the health care network, to improve the care’s integration process.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijhs.v3n3a5