Life Experience of Mothers Who Have Children with Schizophrenia in Turkey: Desperation, Pain and Anxiety
Ayten Kaya Kılıç, Semra Saruc

The aim of this paper is to reveal life experience of mothers with children with schizophrenia in Turkey. The study has been conducted by using qualitative research methods. The qualitative data has been collected from 10 mothers who live with their children with schizophrenia in Community Mental Health Center via in-depth interview. This research provides an account of, mothers’ life experiences before and during the process of illness, their future expectations and concerns, as well as the information they received about illness. It was understood that children with schizophrenia vary premorbidly such as introverted, jealous, inability of socializing and failure at school. For mothers, onset period of the illness is quite painful and troubled. Mothers’ basic idea about the cause of their children’s illness is physical violence. The most important effect of the illness on the mothers is anxiety about the future of their children.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijhs.v3n3a4