Occupational Health and Safety of Healthcare Personnel
Serap Durukan Köse, Özgür Uğurluoğlu, Tuncay Köse

Workers in the health care industry may be exposed to a variety of work related disease and injury including biological, physical, and chemical, ergonomic and psychological hazards. This study was planned to determine whether occupational health and safety is ensured for the health care personnel working in health institutions under Association of Public Hospitals in one of the medium-sized provinces in Turkey. The study was carried out with a total of 240 healthcare personnel working in health institutions. Participants stated that protective measures (3.53±1.05), the control of materials, tools and equipment (3.50±1.34) are ensured better in health institutions where they work and that physical environment (3.44±1.17) is good; however, there are occupational illnesses and complaints (3.24±0.87) and that executive support (2.74±1.18) is not provided adequately.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijhs.v3n3a3