A New Approach to The Organizational Justice Concept: The Collective Level of Justice Perceptions
Taşkın Kılıç, Sedat Bostan, Witold Grabowski

Based on literature review it is discernible, that research and studies concerning organizational justice matters, tend to focus primarily on the aspects of the individual relationship between an organization, and the justice perceptions subsequently developed by an individual. In real circumstances however, it can be assumed, that any individual as part of a group, may become affected not only by a justice procedure or process directly concerning themselves, but simultaneously, by indirect experience involving social interactions and the implications of justice implemented in relation to their colleagues at the group level. Existing scales found in literature and designed to measure the organizational justice perceptions may not always be sufficient to accurately investigate the perceptions of justice at the collective level. Conducted study reveals an existing link and exposes vital correlation between the scales currently used to measure the organizational justice perceptions and, the collective level of these perceptions and behavior.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijhs.v3n1a9