Repositioning Health Insurance in Nigeria: Prospects and Challenges
Toyin Adefolaju

The quest to provide efficient and effective health care delivery system has always prompted the Nigerian government to review its health policies. One of such policies is the establishment of a health insurance scheme- a framework for the provision of affordable and efficient health care system- in the country. This was in the wake of an abysmal performance in the health sector manifesting in severe shortage of qualified personnel, drugs and other health infrastructures as a result of a dwindling economy. It became apparent that government alone could no longer fund the health system, hence a recourse to alternative funding mechanisms, leading to the emergence of a health insurance scheme in the country. The scheme was designed to solve some of the lingering challenges bedevilling the health sector especially the issue of inadequate funding which had limited access to quality health care services. This paper examines the health insurance scheme in Nigeria and recommends its further reform with a view to meeting its set objectives of providing qualitative and accessible health care delivery system.

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